Brand Strategy Process

In order to create a solid foundation from which to grow their brand and business, I walk new clients through my three-point brand strategy process before anything else. This process includes:

1. Getting to know you

This is your business, your passion, your product or service, and your unique solution for a very specific problem in the world. You’re at the heart of your business (whether you personally are positioned publicly or working hard behind the scenes)… the founder, inventor, entrepreneur, marketing manager, or CEO. It’s essential that I understand your personal preferences, style, and what particular elements, functionality, or aesthetics you gravitate towards.

2. Getting to know your ideal clients and customers

Your target market isn’t everyone, and I know you already know this. But do you really, truly know your ideal clients and customers, inside and out? When they visit your website or pick up a brochure to learn more about your offer, do they feel as if you’re reading their minds? Do they buy, more often than not? Do they join your email list and want to learn more? Or, do they bounce of your website more frequently than not, or return your marketing collateral to where they found it without thinking twice?

My ideal client process allows us to dive deep into the minds of your perfect client or customer. We not only learn about their demographics (age, income, marital status, occupation), but we learn about their beliefs, buying habits, preferences, hobbies, hopes, dreams, and their deepest fears and desires. We dig deep into the problem they’re experiencing that you’re working to solve in order to help you clearly communicate that you provide a product or service that solves it better than anyone in your industry. The information you uncover during this step is powerful and will absolutely transform your business, more than double or triple your conversation rates, and ultimate grow your bottom line.

3. Getting to know your company

What do you do and how do you do it? More importantly, why do you do what you do? What’s your vision and what are your values as an organization? What’s your mission or purpose? What products and services do you offer and how are they delivered? What’s your sales process? What’s your customer experience like?

This portion of the process allows me to fully understand your business, inside and out. It’s imperative that I understand how your business functions, what your processes and strategies entail, and what your current customer experience consists of. In order to get you and your business to where you want it to be — even if that’s just creating a more professional look and feel — I have to fully understand where you currently stand.

Purposeful design solutions yield phenomenal results.

It’s through combining these strategic points that I’m then able to visually communicate who you are, what you do, who you serve, and most important, why you do what you do. We eliminate hesitation and allow you to begin creating a loyal base of customers, fans, and followers with ease.

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"Laurie was so much fun to work with. Her ideas and insight into my business helped me understand and build my brand. I thought the process was easy to navigate and her ideas were really wonderful and out of the box, while at the same time being true to who I was and what I wanted to present to the world." Laura Hodgson
Owner, Haven Interior Design