Is Your Business Card Going to Get Trashed?

Have you ever had that slow sinking feeling that even though you’ve had a business “look” that you’ve been attached to for the last several years, that your look might be in desperate need of a facelift?  And even though your business cards may be adequate, when you look at cards from other businesses you feel like they’re much more modern and exciting? Or that the prospective customers you’re handing out literature to may not be all that impressed with what you’re giving them?

These are all signs that it may be time to meet with a professional designer to discuss updating your business look. Your businesses visual identity is the first thing that mentally registers with a prospective customer, before they know anything about who you are or how well you do what you do. Their first impression registers as soon as they are handed a card, open your website, or are passed a brochure. They form an opinion of your company based on this impression, and at that point what you say or do either enhances or reduces this opinion.

Wouldn’t it be nice if their first impression was a positive one? That when you hand them a card or a brochure they comment on how much they like it? Or when they open your website they are impressed with its ease of navigation? If you start with a strong positive impression it’s much easier to stay in that positive realm in their minds, instead of having to claw your way up to that positive space.

Additionally, if your business has a look that you’re not satisfied with or excited about, people recognize this on an instinctive level, and automatically file you into that “mediocre” category from the start. Your inner sense of “it’s not great but it’ll do” translates to their minds as “they haven’t put much effort into making their business look good, what else do they not put much effort into?”

There’s several reasons that a business may look visually outdated. It could be as simple as the consistent use of an out-of-style font or color, or an overall non-streamlined look. Or it may be a more complex variety of reasons, that a Graphic Designer can solve for you with an overall re-design.

If you would like more information on how to improve your business’s look please feel free to contact me for a review. I would be happy to examine your current style and give you my feedback on what may help to improve the look and feel of your business. It may be a lot easier than you expect to improve your business a lot!

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